I built this glass bear cage at Stark Street Pizza a few years ago.

The next time you are going to jail in the Oregon City Courthouse you can sit on these benches.

A couple of boxes intended to be used as urns for ashes.
I can make them for other uses.  

I "demo'd" the old walls, built the new walls with pocket doors, and built these cabinets with wooden counter tops.

I glued-up the countertops from 6/4 fir.

These cabinets hold a Murphy bed in this small room

The room is too small for a complete photo.

Another Murphy Bed with cabinets. 

This style lowers horizontally.

This basement entry way was closed in by a drywalled stemwall. I opened the wall, built the entry door and louvered door and trimmed it to match the existing.

I built this laundry closet in the garage and hung the louvered door.

11     This customer had an architect do a rendering of their project.   

12     I "demo'ed" an existing TV cabinet and built the screens in my shop. The screen on the left is in front of a view window and the screen on the right is backed with a mirror.

28     Window Seat - This was designed with the customer. The seat boards and end tops are glue-ups to get the necessary width.


29     The seat needed to cover a cold air return vent.  Instead of a rectangular register, I routed this design in the base.


30     I matched the angles of the existing stem wall. - I built the doors and had the glass cut for the shelves and doors.


I built the trash cabinet and shelves to match the existing cabinets

I built the interior fixtures, shelves, banquet, and shelves for The Songbird Cafe at 69th and Belmont

I glued up the bar shelves from 2" thick white oak. They are 14" wide and 14 ft long

I built this "Library Ladder" to reach the bar shelves

This slat wall has acoustic panels behind the slats.

 It really works.

I built the bar and the slat wall