I built this closet, bookcase, and railing in this small attic

The back of this closet is the angled roof. We put the clothes hanging in front of the shelves in the back to use the space behind the knee wall. The clothes will cover the normal clutter on the shelves.

I framed this laundry closet in the garage and did the drywall and hung the door and trimmed it to match the existing. I also built the louvered door to match the other 3 panel doors.

I built this linen closet and window seat with drawers and a clothes closet in this bathroom.

I built the cabinet doors and the entry door to match the 3 panel doors in the rest of the house.

          I built the back wall in the adjoining room.  I cut the holes in the existing wall, and framed and hung the doors, casings, trim etc.  I built the organizers to the client’s specifications.

16    I framed a 12" bump out in the existing wall for this closet and hung the doors.

Another view with the doors closed.  The trim matches existing rooms.

18    I framed this closet, built the shelves and built the odd size doors in my shop.

The left closet was existing on one side of the room. I built the other one to match on the opposite wall.


A Laundry enclosure with bi-fold doors