The customer requested a replica of staircase from The Munster’s TV show. 

The woodwork is all 5/4 and 4/4 red oak. It hasn't been stained yet in these pictures.

This home was featured in the Homes and Gardens section of The Oregonian - Oct 28, 2010

These photos are on display in McCoy Millworks' showroom.

The Formal Portrait

02     The newel posts with plaster gargoyles.

03     A detail of some of the curves and bends.

04     A close-up of some of the segmented curves.

05     A view from the top.

06     The photo that I used to build the Munster's Replica.

07    A previous staircase with a bent rail that I bent in my shop with steam and a lot of clamps.

08    A detail of the bent rail with balusters. - The bend was 180 degrees with a 61" diameter.

09    A view of the complete staircase with the volute and wainscoting.

10    If you are standing at the volute of the staircase and look left, I built this cabinet in the same room. I wrapped the fireplace\chase and added the corbels and mantel and built the shelves. It is basically 16 ft. wide and 13 1/2 ft.high.

I built this 3 and 1 spaced baluster railing for a homeowner remodel. It is all red oak and not stained yet. 

I "demo'ed" the existing stem wall and built this open railing.

A contemporary railing 

This railing is removable to allow access to the small attic

A small basement railing